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ScanPro 2000
Small compact design with Unlimited Features

Product Specifications for ScanPro 2000
Type: Ultra Compact, desktop, digital, microforms scanner for positive and negative formats.
Microform Types : Fiche, Jackets, Ultra Fiche, Micro Books, Micro Opaques, Aperture Card, 35mm roll film, 16mm roll film, and Cartridge (3M) roll film.
Application: Robust design for public use, heavy gauge metal throughout, steel bearings for smooth sturdy performance, no lenses, external brackets, levers, rings, switches, wires exposed to the operator.
Screen Size: Any size Windows compatible video display (CRT or LCD).
Viewing: Real time viewing of high resolution microfilm image at all magnifications.
Magnifications: Single integrated zoom lens 7X to 54X or 7X to 105X
Image Rotation: Optical 360° image rotation and Digital 360° image rotation .
Focus Control: Full automatic or manual (selectable).
Scanning Speed (all magnifications): High resolution 300 dpi1 scan in one second.
Scanning Resolutions (dpi) 1:(selectable) 150, 200, 300, 400,or 600
File Formats : JPEG, PDF, TIFF, TIFF compressed, TIFF G4, PDF multi-page, TIFF multi-page (all TIFF formats).
Scan Mode: Grayscale (256 levels), Grayscale enhanced (256 levels), Bi-tone.
Film Controller: Integrated digital controller uses steel bearings to provide smooth precision film image positioning.
PowerScan™ 2000 Software (standard)
  • Magnifier: One CLICK to magnify any text or image detail and view at up to 500%.
  • Customizable toolbar with Save and Recall settings: One CLICK recall of settings for any microform application.
  • TRUE-view™: Live image editing. See all image adjustments right on the viewing screen and see exactly what you will get when you scan, save, or print, also called What You See Is What You Get editing.
  • SPOT-Edit: Live image editing for selected text and pictures (all other areas remain unchanged)
  • Multiple output capability: Laser print, e-mail, save to: USB pen drive, CD. Customizable individual controls.
  • Automatic controls for microforms: Focus, brightness, contrast, straighten, cropping, one CLICK image adjustment.
  • Automatic controls for microfilm (requires motorized carrier): Image advance, image framing, automatic rewind.
  • Secure screen mode (administrator selectable): "Locks Down" view screen so operator can not access desktop.
  • Administrative controls to customize how the ScanPro operates: Select which features are operator available.
  • On-screen help menu (operator selectable): Detailed on-screen explanation for all control buttons.
  • Shortcut keys: Keyboard short cuts for many common tasks.
  • Auto-Scan™ Demo: Same features as full version with some limitations: 50 scans per session, background water mark, only JPEG file type, no auto naming. (Demo version lets you evaluate Auto-Scan using your own film)
Auto-Scan™ plug in Software (optional): Auto-Scan™ can be added to your ScanPro 2000 at anytime
  • Automatic scanning requires UCC300 carrier [16/35mm film] or UCC400 carrier [16mm/35mm/cartridge film]
  • Auto naming: Specify the name for scan images.
  • Selectable File Types: JPEG, PDF, TIFF, TIFF compressed.
  • Automatic Image Adjustment (selectable): Brightness, Contrast.
  • Scan Speed Control: Select best automatic scanning speed for film and computer resources.
  • Scan Control (selectable): Specify the number of images to scan or scan the entire roll.
Film Carriers, optional:
Combination fiche/aperture card carrier
Combination fiche and manual 16/35mm roll film carrier,
Combination fiche/aperture card/ and Motorized 16/35mm roll film carrier.
Combination fiche/aperture card and Motorized 16/35mm roll film, and cartridge film (3M) carrier.
Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Vista 64
Scanner-to-PC Connection: High speed, firewire connection to computer (Firewire card included with purchase).
Dimensions: 12"W x 16 "D x 7.5 "H (305mm x 406mm x 190mm).
Weight:19lbs (9Kg).
Power: 100-240VAC 50/60HZ.
Illumination Lamp: Warranted for the life of the product.
PowerScan™ 2000 software Updates: No charge software updates for the life of the product.
File Management: Temporary files are deleted from hard drives at the end of each session.
Low power consumption: 20 watts (includes power management controls).
Remote access (standard): Operate the ScanPro 2000 from any remote location using a computer with internet access.
Security (scanner and roll film carrier): Security slot accepts standard security cable lock (not included).
Energy Star: Registered with EPA as being energy efficient
1 The ScanPro 2000 optical resolution of 300dpi is specified using the industry standard "at document" measurement, the alternative "at sensor" dpi resolution measurement is 7,257dpi for ALL magnifications

ScanPro 2000 Recommended Computer Specifications

Processor Speed: +2GHz Pentium, or AMD or Higher
Computer Memory (RAM): 1GB Memory or Higher
Hard Drive: 80 GB HD or Higher
Optical Media : CD R/W
Operating Systems : WIN 2000, XP, Vista 32bit and 64bit, Win 7 32bit and 64bit
Computer-to-Scanner connection : Firewire (1394a)

ScanPro 2000 Recommended Computer Specifications With AUTO-Scan

Automatic scanning requires a lot of computer resources. If the computer resources are not sufficient, scanning speed will be reduced. The recommendations shown here are meant as a guide to selecting computer resources for your application. Recommended Computer System for Scan Speeds from 12 - 30 Images per minute

Processor Speed : Pentium 4 3.4 GHz -- Intel Core2 Duo E6750 (2.66GHz, 1333MHz FSB) or higher
Computer Memory (RAM) : 2GB DDR2-533 -- 4GB DDR3 Non-ECC SDRAM,800MHz
Hard Drive : 160 GB SATA, 7200 RPM HD with Cache -- 160 GB SATA, 10,000 RPM 3.0Gb/s HD with Cache
Optical Media : 24X CDRW/DVD Combo -- 24X CDRW/DVD Combo
Operating Systems : WIN2000, XP, Vista 32/64, Win7 32/64 -- WIN2000, XP, Vista 32/64, Win7 32/64
Computer-to-Scanner connection : Firewire(1394a) -- Firewire(1394a)

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