ScanPro 2000
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ScanPro 2000
All-In-One Microfilm Viewer, Scanner-to-PC, Printer

   Bring a microforms collection into the digital world. ScanPro microfilm scanners for all microforms. If you have microfilm, micro opaques, fiche, ultra fiche, or aperture cards you can find a ScanPro digital solution for your application. Our featured product is the NEW ScanPro 2000 microfilm scanner. It is ultra compact, robust, and designed for the rigors of public use applications. It provides many powerful, time saving features simply not found with any other microfilm equipment. The NEW ScanPro 2000 has ALL the features and benefits of the ScanPro 1000 plus many additional capabilities. So, what's the Big Deal? In the words of a Records Management expert. Compact, Desktop Design fits almost anywhere

Microfilm ScanPro 2000, Combination fiche, and motorized 16mm/35mm roll film carrier
High resolution scan in one second
Optical zoom magnification 7X to 100X
360° Optical and Digital rotation
Fiche, roll film, opaques, ultrafiche, ap cards
Scan, print, e-mail, save to USB, CD, & HD
Easy-to-use software
Customizable tool bar
View microfilm on any computer monitor
On screen help for ease-of-use

What Prople are Saying About The ScanPro...
“The ScanPro is a solid, versatile performer for our public library. The software (PowerScan™) excels at making it easy for our patrons to quickly and efficiently complete their genealogy and local history look-ups on any of our film types (35mm, 16mm, and fiche). The ‘What You See, Is What You Get’ feature is simply marvelous. It makes everything so much easier and faster when printing, saving to USB, and CD’s. We have tried other equipment and this is the best.” - Ann Marie Harris -- Senior Technician, Berkshire Athenaeum Public Library

I am using the ScanPro in my research that utilizes primary sources on microfilm. The ScanPro is simply revolutionary. The zoom lens (7X to 54X) works with all my film types and the magnifier feature lets me see the smallest details on even the oldest of microfilm. And, the ScanPro's compact size means that it can sit next to my computer and scan the information directly to my hard drive. Just beautiful!" - Diane Lehmann -- Researcher, Northwestern University

"Our microfilm history room is built around the ScanPro. Our initial concern was that our regular patrons would have trouble adapting to this new equipment. Not so, the easy-to-use, versatile software has won them over. It provides time saving controls and produces great-looking PDF's quickly and easily. In fact, we are finding that the ScanPro is attracting people to our history center to use our film again and again, a great transitional step to a digital environment." - Alan L. Kaye -- Director, Roddenbery Memorial Library Cairo, GA

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